~ Intuitive Energy Healing ~
45 Min $40

No session is ever the same. Through a divinely led combination of vibration, music, stones, energy work, chanting, scents, etc. we will create sacred space and allow healing to happen on whatever level it is needed – emotional, physical or spiritual. Since this is an organic experience and not a pre-determined routine that has been developed, prepare to come in with an open mind and heart – making yourself available for what the universe has in store.

~ Energetic Cord Cutting ~
When we form connections with other people, through romantic relationships, friendships, family, work or all types of other connections, many actual energetic cords are formed which connect you to all these people. Your energy runs to these people through these cords. These connections can stay with you for many years after you think these people are no longer in your life. These energy cords can also keep you connected to situations from the past - situations that you may wish to release. This can significantly drain your energy and emotional resources.

During a session, all your energetic cords are removed, and then the cords to people you wish to remain connected with quickly reform. These positive cords reform with new energy from where you are now, letting go of all the old stagnant energy between you and those people. The Energetic Cord Cutting enables you to start over energetically with those you wish to keep in your life, which greatly enhances those connections. This is ideal for family, romantic and business relationships.

You may find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.

~ E-merge ~
Pricing varies. Contact Ashley for details.

E-merge is a process where people from any spiritual path can free themselves from the effects of the past, present, future as well as former lifetimes.

We use the natural process of Emotional Release to clear psychological traumas, behavioral patterns and qualities in a person that have become blocked or oppressed.

In a non-judgmental, safe space we will explore, encourage, permit and assist with your emotional release and help you evaluate where you are on your journey. Our goal is to have you thinking clearer, feeling lighter and ready to re-emerge as a happier, healthier you. We create a space of understanding, a place where you're not alone.