~ Full Body Swedish Massage ~ 
60 min. $60 / 90 min. $80

This Swedish full body massage is designed to promote circulation, improve muscle tone, release tension & relieve stress.


~ Full Body Flow Massage ~
60 min. $70 / 90 min. $100

This massage focuses on realigning the mind, body and spirit through long, flowing strokes. With this technique, the mind is able to let go and our internal healing processes are activated.  The Full Body Flow massage brings the left and right brain into balance, allowing you to function at your full potential. 


~ Deep Tissue Massage ~
60 min. $60 / 90 min. $80

Deep, therapeutic strokes are used to facilitate the release of tension, soreness and swelling in areas with chronic pain, discomfort or injury. This massage is NOT a full body massage, allowing time to focus on specific areas of the body in order to create significant change in the tissues.


~ Deep Tissue Sports Massage ~
60 min. $60 / 90 min. $80

This therapeutic and revitalizing deep tissue massage focuses on firm pressure, trigger point release and stretching.  The goal of this session is to relieve chronic pain, rejuvenate overworked muscles and decrease muscle stiffness, all in an attempt to improve an athlete’s performance.


~ Pre & Post-Natal ~ 
60 min. $70 / 90 min. $100

This calming full-body massage targets areas of tension during and after pregnancy and will help relieve lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and water retention. This massage allows you to lie down safely and comfortably and can be used any time after the first trimester.

Each massage session includes a 5 minute pre-massage health history/interview and 5 minutes at the end of the session for you to re-dress and receive any self-care instructions that are needed.