Ashley is an intuitive in the truest sense of that word. Whether she is giving massage, a reading or spirit talks her intuition is such that only what is important, relevant, and makes a difference shows up! She is always growing and my experience knowing her is one of deeper understanding, peace and growth too.~ Liz S.

Ashley's gift of communicating with guides and guardians has helped me develop my own intuitive nature and strengthen my relationships with my guides and guardians. She has aided me in my communications with them as well as provided me with the validation that I have much needed during this process. I am very grateful for the guidance and the support provided. She has helped me grow in this important area of spiritual development. ~ Monica T. 

I've been seeing Ashley for readings for about a year now, her abilities never cease to amaze me.  As a grieving mom, Ashley's readings have been the one thing to help get me through.  Thank you Ashley! - Kim M. 

 What a wonderful and soothing experience a massage from Ashley is! The stress that is built up from my job can be incredible but I can feel it begin to melt away once Ashley begins working on me. While she has the ability to perform deep tissue massage, I prefer a more soothing, relaxing style of massage and Ashley never fails to deliver. You know when you've found just the right massage therapist and in Ashley, I've found mine! ~ Charles J.

There are lots of massage therapists out there. There are also lots of intuitives out there. And, while not as common, plenty of intuitive massage therapists. Not many, however, have a heart as big as Ashley does, nor care as much about their clients. ~ Stella S.

Having had a reading with Ashley some time ago, I was compelled to get further readings over the years. Her straight forward and commonsensical manner does not belie her sense of the other side and understanding of all that exists (away from most of our perceptions). Both intuitive and approachable, I found her to be non-judgmental and she approached her counsel of my questions with a relaxed tone while allowed me to open up to her. I highly recommend her readings as her intuition is strong and her connection is undeniable. Openhearted and endearing, she is my only chosen medium and a good soul which is imperative. ~ Bambi H.

Ashley has been an instrument of healing in various areas of my life.  Through her spirit talk, she has brought comfort, hope, and confirmation to me when going through stressful times.  While communicating with spirits, I know that Ashley’s connection is authentic because her communications included specific facts that she could not have been aware of.  I am in awe of her revelations and am still following instructions that were given to me through Ashley by my guide. As a massage therapist, Ashley has relieved pain in my neck and shoulder region.  I have always been reluctant to have a massage, but Ashley makes the whole procedure very comfortable and nonthreatening. In fact, it was a wonderful experience. I am very thankful to Ashley for being so instrumental in my life.  It is very difficult to express just how wise and connected to Spirit she is.  I am looking forward to seeing her for future sessions to connect with loved ones that have passed and to experience her sensational massage therapy. ~ Carol P.

I have been dealing with scoliosis for over 30 years, and arthritis for the last 5, deep tissue massage is my only relief. I've been to a number of massage therapists over the years searching for the right one. They either had no idea how to do deep tissue and left me bruised and in more pain than when I came in, or they had no affect at all. I was about to give up hope of ever finding any relief, when my friend Ashley decided to expand her healing skills to include massage.  I met Ashley through Kindred Spirits, and we seemed to have an instant connection. She is what I would call an old soul, one who connects with a person on a very deep level.  I can't lie, we do share a very wicked sense of humor, but that is what makes our friendship so much fun. I was very excited for her when she told me she was going to massage therapy school, I had no idea how much she was going to help me. Being in the situation I am, can be very challenging for a therapist, but not Ashley. Her knowledge of the body and how it works allows her to give the treatment that is necessary for me to walk upright again. Thank you, for giving me the relief I need. If anyone is searching for the perfect massage therapist, your search is over. ~ Susan D. 

Ashley is a fantastic massage therapist. My first massage with her was when we were touring in Scotland when my back pain was at a level of 10. After the massage, the pain level was down to a 4. This was absolutely amazing considering she had no professional training at that time. She is truly gifted and now since she has received formal training she is absolutely phenomenal. She is very knowledgeable, down to earth and truly caring. She is a great listener and really tries to adapt her expert skills to resolve any issues her clients may have. Her energy is healing and enlightening. Over the years I have tried many massage specialists, and I finally found the best one. I suffer from a chronic back and neck problems, and after my massages, I find that I am back to a calm, relaxed state of feeling pain-free. Ashley takes her time and explains what is going on in your body, which muscles are stressed and ways to help yourself after you leave her facility. "Ashley, I'm so thankful and appreciative of your gift and my body is more in balance than it ever has been as a direct result of your healing intervention. I honor your presence and know that it is by no mistake that I met you but indeed by divine design." I have referred others to Ashley and received positive feedback from all of them. I highly recommend her to anyone needing excellent massage and total body healing. ~ Gayle P.